Saturday , June 3 2023

Upper thunderstorms 1-3 oC. Watch out for sudden floods!


The weather in the morning gets slightly warm in the mist in the morning. The temperature is 1 to 3 degrees Celsius. Southern rain rises – part of the flood warning. Navigators are cautious. The Gulf of Thailand is 2 meters high.

On November 4, the Department of Meteorology General weather forecast Upper Bay: Morning in a good misty morning. Increase in Temperature with Drops of 1-3 ° C People in the neighborhood should beware of lightning strikes. The southern part has more rainfall with rainfall. Widely scattered about the lightning strikes in the Gulf of Thailand. This can cause sudden flooding. Flash flood All ships in the bay should walk cautiously.

Meteorological significance The high pressure area over Thailand is weakening. The morning mist warming. But it's still cool. Northeast monsoon ruled over the Gulf and South Thailand. The southern part will have more rain with isolated rain. Wind-wave in the Gulf is moderate.

Thailand weather from 06:00 to 06:00 tomorrow.

North Part Cool in the morning mist. The temperature rises to 1-3 degrees Celsius. Cold at the top of the mountain, minimum temperature 4 to 13 degrees C Minimum temperature 16 to 20 degrees C. Maximum temperature 31 to 33 degrees C. Northeasterly wind 10 to 30 km / h.

Northeast Hides the morning fog. The temperature rises to 1-3 degrees Celsius. Minimum temperature 6-14 oC, minimum temperature 16-20 oC, maximum temperature 31-33 oC, northeast wind 10-30 km / h.

Middle Part The morning mist is cool. Low temperatures 19 to 22 oC, max. 32-34 oC, north-east wind 10-30 km / h.

Eastern part Cool in the morning fog. Rain. Minimum temperature 21-24 C, maximum temperature 34-35 C. Northeasterly winds 15-35 km / h. Wave height of 1-2 meters and approx. 2 meters offshore.

Southern part (east coast) Wide scattered lightning and isolated rain. Surat Thani Low temperatures 20-25 ° C, maximum temperature 27-33 ° C Surat Thani from south: northeast wind 15-35 km / h, wave height 1-2 meters. Wave height more than 2 meters Nakhon Si Thammarat downhill: the northeast winds 20-35 km / h, wave height about 2 meters. The wave height is 2 meters

South Coast (West Coast) Partly cloudy and thundershowers mainly Phangnga, Phuket, Krabi, Trang and Satun minimum temperature 23-27 C, maximum temperature 29-34 C. Easter winds 15-35 Wave height about 1 meter to about 2 meters at sea above.

Bangkok and its environs The morning mist is cool. Lowest temperature 22-23 oC, maximum temperature 32-35 oC, northeast wind 10-30 km / h.

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