Sunday , March 26 2023

2 TL on the shelf, 7 TL on the shelf


Mobile applications from the Ministry of Commerce allow citizens to view all sorts of information such as unit price purchases of fruit and vegetable producers, date and place of production, producers and fruit and vegetables on their mobile phones.

Mustafa Kurt, director of the trade department, said in a statement that each citizen should download a mobile application for HKS mobile applications.

Kurt says the system is very useful to consumers and that all information about the product can be easily communicated.

Kurt said he would respond to all questions in the minds of consumers if he emphasized the tremendous rise in price increases.

Kurt declared that the notification model began with a vegetable and fruit trade under Law No. 5957 of the Trade Regulation of Other Commodities, which needed sufficient supply of vegetables and fruits. "When a consumer places an application on their phone, they can read all the information, such as the manufacturer of the product, the date and place of purchase, and the cost of buying and selling until the product is sold to the consumer from the producer. They are reviewing their needs and trying to buy a family budget or a cheaper product Consumers must be aware of this Consumers must follow the product with the application He said.

Curt (Kurt) bar code control Hal 'lira grape Some supermarkets in the market that sold 7 pounds, said.

Consumers will also need to use this application to determine the price range, and Kurt will allow consumers to view prices, "You need to pay attention to this type of price movement – excessive prices can be detected in your pocket – you can read all the information in three seconds with this application bar code. He said.


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