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& # 39; CHP will go to the polls. & # 39;

Meral Akşener: CHP voters will participate in the polls.

Meral Akşener, a good member of the party, said: "27 million CHP voters currently studying in Istanbul seem to have gone to the polls. Nearly 3 million will go to AK party voters. CHP voters go together on the ballot, .

WALL – At a hotel in Safranbolu, Meral Akhensener, chairperson of the Karabuk provincial government, addressed the iftar program. Akşener, they did not say anything at all in the local elections, they want from the citizens, they do not forget that friendship and friendship should not be forgotten, and if the elections support the service race.

Akşener has asked everyone to hold an election in Istanbul and all of them have been informed that Ekrem Imamoğlu will win.

Akşener, who defended the country's economic crisis, criticized the government's foreign policy through the S-400 missile.

& # 39; CHP is your choice.

Akşener emphasized that Ekrem Imamoğlu is a candidate for 16 million Istanbulers and that everyone should take care of him. In one study in a district of Istanbul, it looks like 2 million CHP voters. Three million people did not vote for AK party voters soon. CHP voters will provide a ballot. We will also look at each of the 3 million AK party voters. He calls the door cymbals and says he aspires to his ticket.

Akşener, who argued that the language will continue to be very ugly in the elections, reminded Esenler Mayor Tevfik Göksu's statement and said Recep Tayyip Erdoğan should remove the president or resign.

Akşener emphasized that they would talk about other things in the month of Ramadan unless asked to do so by themselves, and would ask the hallways not to interfere with their brotherhood, neighbors and friendship.

Akşener concluded his remarks by mentioning that Elf Köse, Safranbolu's mayor, would succeed and see his youth.

Hussein Avni Aksoy CHP Karabük representative, Elif Kose and members of the party participated in this program.

Akşener also visited the Karabük district chief of the party after a period of conversation with the party left the city. (Color book / A)

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