Wednesday , May 22 2019
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80% of health care workers do not want to work in city hospitals.

[Haber görseli]Health workers who have expressed concern about Ankara Bilkent City Hospital, which officially opened yesterday, should stop Bil public – private partnerships, which will bring about health damage, to city hospital and health marketization. The health policy initiated by Atatürk should be applied to national, popular, popular and workers. & # 39;

It will not increase the quality.

According to a study conducted by the General Health-Work Union, a city health worker, they said they do not want to work. According to the survey, 65.3% of respondents thought city hospitals would not improve the quality of health care services. On the other hand, 67.7% of urban hospitals predict that healthcare workers will increase their workload. 55.5% of health workers in urban hospitals deprive individual rights and 79.5% of city hospital participants do not want to work.

It threatens public health.

Union Chairman Zekiye Bacaksız, the construction of the hospital before the completion of the construction of Bilkent City Hospital, to start accepting political power by political concerns, opening of services is not allowed, said aparable. Leg-free The opening of systems essential for surgical services and laboratory services is a threat to human health. Political power obsessed with all warnings should not make human health a political tool.

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