Friday , August 19 2022

Avşar Carpet, a huge company of 44 years, has declared an agreement!


Glass by Mumay spokesmanAccording to the news, Kamilik MosqueCarpet covering Avsar Carpet I applied for Concord.

Gaziantep Commercial Court of First InstanceAccording to the decision of 2018/1258, the company has been resettled for three months.

Established in 1974 Avsar Carpet Exported to more than 20 countries. In 2005, the company won the Best Carpet Award in the US machine rug category.

What is Korkodato?

convention, Through the restructuring of the debt and the correction of the financial situation of the other debtor, the bankruptcy of the debtor has been eliminated and the creditors of the creditors have entered into an agreement in a certain way or with the approval of the court. Is defined as.

A creditor who can file a bankruptcy request with a reasonable petition may ask the debtor to initiate the proceedings.

At the request of the Convention, the court will issue a provisional deadline if the necessary documents are in place and the borrower takes any action that he deems necessary to preserve the property.

Provisional deferment will result in a clear commitment. Court decision to temporarily resign The Trade Register will be published in the official newspaper and press ad agency, immediately posted Land Registry Office, Trade Registry Spy, Tax Office, Customs and Postal Administration Announcement Portal, Turkish Bank of the Union, Turkey participated in the banking union, local chamber of commerce, industry Moving stock exchanges to chamber capital Market committees and other relevant venues It is reported.

The court will make a deadline decision for the interim period. If it is understood that a match can be successful, the borrower will be given a one-year clearance.

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