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Bad breath affects social life.


Supported bad breath affects social life, Çağdaş Kışlaoğlu said.

Supported bad breath affects social life, Çağdaş Kışlaoğlu said.

Asst.Prof.Kagdas Kislaoglu, a dentist and prosthetist, says, "I feel the need to close my mouth to make great efforts to get very close and alert to people. About 25% of the society's bad breath is suffering from the situation, "he said.

Bad breath problems due to many other factors are treatable. Kislaoglu "can be divided into two separate groups as a result of halitosis, usually caused by a lack of bacterial oral gait. The mouth is defined as a menstrual halt if it occurs after meals or in the mouth. And is defined as pathological bad breath, so if the problem persists, you should continue to ignore the problem and go to the dentist.

"Stress can be behind your mouth."

Dr. Kışlaoğlu, "Drugs are moving and stressed every moment." Some of us can control stress, while others can not cope with stress, In addition, he likes to keep his mouth breathing and to move away from people in business and social life. "

"Bad breath is reflected in social relations"

A new generation of social phobia can be interpreted as a simple matter of long-term bad breath, causing other diseases and affecting the psychological effects of the doctor. Kışlaoğlu, "The most effective measures in both are considered routine and regular oral hygiene. Bad breathing problems that are prevented or ignored only if they are considered to affect your health negatively affect your bilateral relationship in social relations In a context, the smell has a positive effect on a person, but there are negative consequences such as an odor signature that is scary enough to think of the effects of the bad smell coming from the mouth. First, it has to affect social and business success.High-grade gum disease and cavities should be treated.Dental infections must be buried, , The problematic tooth must be withdrawn. Then we need to adopt a more careful mouth and dental care schedule. "

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