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Become a guest of interesting durability test for seat car seat.


In SEE's specially developed test environment, various operating conditions are applied to the sheet.

The Volkswagen Group is on its way to development every year. SEATIt also responds to a variety of product ranges. Next generation in Leon 2,019 The Spanish-based brand, which is entering a major transformation phase, continues to perform complementary development. This context is also included in the car. seat, Pre-production Durability and comfort level Many challenging tests for analysis. Looking at the details of the work, we can see that there are 6,000 trials to assess the wear potential of fabrics and sponges. One machine 22,000 friction movement Perform, More than 100 kilograms The routine movement of people with weight recovers and thus seats performance is tested. Each car seat has five of the most difficult stages to be tested in a three year development process.

Test step

A professional test team of men and women of different length and body structure can access the vehicle 6,000 times a week. Each test employee has a seat. 5 years Through this process 700 times He is doing. The test staff is wearing a metal button or hard-stitch denim pants in the back pocket. When doing so, the goal is to ensure that all types of drivers sitting in the seats used for sponge and cloth are resistant.

Be interested.

Another test of this program is to have a large number of seats Friction movement avatar. Through this test, for three weeks in a laboratory environment, 24 hours, 22,000 friction cycles Realize the everyday movement of people over 100 kilograms. At the end of the test, the sheet's performance is evaluated to ensure that it has the same look and feel. In the cabin, shake violently to stimulate uneven surface running conditions. 225 hours This test lasts up to 300,000 km. Vehicle test 80 ° C to -35 ° C It is exposed to various temperatures. This is done to ensure that the vehicle function has not changed and that no damage has occurred.

Engineers in the room with an ambient temperature of -20 ° C evaluate the performance of SEAT Arona heated seats. Using an infrared camera, make sure you have reached a comfortable temperature within 3 minutes. After 15 minutes, a temperature of 40 占 폚 is reached. At the same time as the heatmap, heat is distributed evenly across the surface, contributing to increased driver comfort.

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