Friday , August 12 2022

Breaking news | Cabinet meeting is over! Is the restaurant closed? The restaurants and cafes are sad…


President Erdogan: The restaurant is only available for takeout.

Scientific Committee Member Prof. Dr. Tevfik Özlü’s flash statement on the cafe;

Are restaurants and cafes spreading the disease?

“Unfortunately, life in restaurants and cafes continues as if there is no disease. Likewise, shopping malls are also at great risk. You cannot wear masks because there are food and beverages in restaurants and cafes. It also poses a great risk. Among them, restaurants are at risk. And cafes. Coffee shops are also causing big problems in terms of disease. Coffee shops are also at high risk of infection.”


Statement of the Minister of Health Koca;

“The world has been struggling with a new type of coronavirus pandemic for 11 months. The pandemic continues to spread and dies worldwide. Currently, 55 million cases have been discovered worldwide, and nearly 14 million casualties have occurred. .

In the process, no country has been able to maintain immunity from this virus. After the first wave in our country between March and May, we were able to control the number of cases. However, in recent months we have witnessed a significant increase in cases and deaths on a similar route worldwide. Many countries today have reapplied restrictions on social movements, including closure measures.

Recently we want to continue to show an overall upward trend in Turkey. However, it is more serious in our country, especially Istanbul. The increase in a lot of fat increases the pressure on medical institutions. We paid special attention to states with high growth rates for the Scientific Council.

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