Thursday , September 19 2019
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Comment by levent Ş

After a 1-0 victory over Kasımpaşa, our assistant Levet Şahin stated to the broadcaster.

Levent Şahin assistant coach used the following statement:

Metin I remember Metin Oktay, one of the legends of Turkish football and Galatasaray, with respect and mercy. I want to congratulate someone. We played with opponents trying to play football until the end of the game. When it was a bit late, there was no goal in our game system, but we came back to the game a bit faster to understand. We think it is superior to certain parts of the game. We will see again when we see We believe that the results will vary greatly if we can make the conclusion clear and slightly faster in the transition game. This happens when the national team returns. I hope this game is in our memories. After all, we are the Galatasaray team. The struggle here can never be measured, but I will continue to work. I think we will finally reach the goal.

Our new transfer is not physically ready, but we have no problem adapting. Lemina is said to have not played for about 3-4 months. We wanted to keep Falcao but he said he was tired for the last 10 minutes and we had to take it. I think you can physically catch up with your teammates and use real player characters and features on your behalf.

Of course Galatasaray will fight in many lanes. It's not difficult, but we are in a difficult process. Thank you to all of your teachers and actress friends. I think I will get the best results on behalf of my team. Of course there may be times, but we are forced to Galatasaray. We are familiar with this kind of race and the track we are on. I think we will solve this problem.

Finally I want to say something outside the game. We present this victory to our team Fatih Terim and colleagues Hasan Şaş and Ümit Davala on behalf of the team.

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