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Diabetics "Electric Shoes" – Kayseri News


Kayers (AA) – ESMA KÜÇÜKŞAHİN – The work done at Erciyes University (ERÜ) has developed "dozens" devices that can be worn to prevent burns and burns in the foot of diabetic patients.

Muzaffer Kanaan, a member of the Erciyes Technopark, has established a company called u Sanotek fer to prevent burns, stings and tingling in the ankle of diabetics. In this context, Kanaan designed a special insole that could be put in your shoes.

The internal device that performs the function of the tens device allows the patient to be treated in any environment without being connected to a fixed space.

Kanaan added that complaints had a negative impact on quality of life, stating that people with STD had diabetes due to age, such as burning, burning, tingling or feeling strange emotions such as pain. .

Canaan (Kanaan), who explained that there are two alternative therapies for patient treatment,

One of them is drug treatment, but the side effects cause pain and the second one has a low power at the feet. I tried to make this second treatment method available to the patient at any time. We have received support within the scope of the TÜBİTAK 1512 Individual Entrepreneurship Support Program. Teenage devices are used primarily in clinical settings or at home, limiting patient movement and limiting devices that are difficult to use.

Prototyping puts a big gap in the production of Kanaanthen in shoes with shoes on, and this electric-based, public transportation patient can easily be used in any environment, he said.

Kanan explains that clinical and patent research is ongoing and aims to bring products to medical devices recently through investors.

– "Diabetes patients of 600 million people in 2040"

ERU School of Medicine, Department of Neurology. Dr. Füsun Ferda Erdoğan said that diabetes has a negative effect on many organs, especially the eyes and the kidneys.

According to a study conducted in the world in 2040, Erdogan pointed out that about 600 million people will have diabetes.

"The most common problem we face with diabetics is the side effects of the nerves scattered throughout the body, which burns and stings from the feet and loses their senses." In this direction, we need treatment models around the world. The stimulus of the nervous system can be magnetic, it can be electrical, we can go to. "

Erdogan, this method was first introduced in the 1960s and has proven scientifically effective.

doctor. "The design of Canaan is going to be a fast cure for today's rapid life," Erdogan said. "People do not want to get out of their daily lives during treatment," he said.

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