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Do not your fingers get out?


This behavior of the baby and even the child after the birth can be seen in all situations where there is no mother and the child is in trouble.

The need to recognize the environment for a child who eats a mother is also possible through mouth reflexes. So during this time the baby takes everything from mouth to hand to toe. After that, you can see that the child has sucked up toys, blankets, clothes, and pillows. If the gums and jaws get wet during the teething period, the child can wash his fingers. So absorption is not merely feeding.

It is not easy to stop sucking the fingers of breast milk. The quality of your feelings about your relationship with your baby, your precise understanding of your child's needs and timely provisions will strengthen this relationship.

Uyku transition objects to sleep transition Eleri as a toy we can adopt as a toy to comfort those beds.

It should not be used as a solution to how to underestimate finger sucking or embarrass the baby.

Concerns about health and development should be explained in good terms.

This should not be transformed into a conflict between mother and child.

Focusing on positive behaviors, orally praising and encouraging rewards is a more appropriate solution to eliminate such behavior.

Nervous, unique

The child's age is still common, but it is observed that children who act like finger sucking and nail eating behave in situations where they do not act alone or adults do not. Also, children who do not spend time with friends, children who spend a lot of time alone and spend their free time on an individual basis increase in frequency.

When is your fingertip?

At age 1, almost half of the children can see finger sucking.

If not, it shows that the child is suffering, unhappy, anxious, and sad. If you have someone else who cares for your mother or child, you should remove the child's negative feelings.

Eating nail

In kindergarten terms, it can start by mimicking others who eat nails around. If children are stressed, they can not express emotions. If they do not know the value and interest of adults, they can eat nails and express inner tension.

This happens in old age, even in old age. Adults realize they are nervous. Or they start to nail when they are staying in thought, but they can not defend themselves.

Before resolving any behavior that you think is intense to your child, you should carefully observe the mutual feelings about your relationship with your child and any other factors that can affect all of these behaviors.

It is wrong to stop fingering, shouting, angry, cynical rhetoric, pulling a hand out of his mouth, hitting, riding a hand or pepper, threatening to drive, or punishing him is.

Instead of ending or annihilating the child's behavior, it makes his mood worse. I do not like it, I am not worth it, I do not want it. And that leads to an increase in the problem.

The baby should not be cut early in the breasts. You should take a peaceful and safe environment and approach while feeding your baby while feeding her.

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