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Eight effective suggestions for sleepiness


Especially in the metropolitan area, the common problems of many people are fatigue and fatigue. Edvin Murrja, a medical specialist, says that when the sun goes down and the weather starts to cool down, our bodies are preparing for a kind of hibernation.

Sufficient water

Because of the thirst in cold weather, the amount of water consumed during the day drops considerably. Thirst lowers blood pressure and slows down many enzyme reactions, while increasing sleep. When you wake up, start a lively day with 2 glasses of warm water.

Be careful about the amount of tea and coffee.

Tea and coffee consumed during the day is an indispensable element for most of us. However, because they contain caffeine, which can cause palpitations and insomnia, we can sleep all day by interfering with sleep patterns. Drinking tea and coffee in the morning, even green tea with little caffeine can help correct this situation.

Keep carbonated drinks and sugar drinks away.

Drinking soft drinks, sweets and fruit juices increases fat tissue. This beverage can cause high calorie weight and can cause drowsiness by making sugar after drinking alcohol. So avoid such drinks. Take a small amount of fruit instead of fruit juice.

Avoid inactivity.

Medical specialist Edvin Murrja kıs This is a vicious circle especially for office workers. As we sit down, our energy decreases, and as our energy decreases, our desire for exercise decreases. Even within the office, we will be more efficient and vigorous as our blood flow increases as we move.

Take care of the morning.

Because we are all different, it is not right to provide a single formula for everyone. Some of us do not have breakfast, but some can not. But a healthy and carefully selected breakfast increases our energy and reduces daytime sleepiness.

Prefer nutrients that maintain blood sugar balance.

Avoid sugar on the day. Keep your meals low while making your choices great. Instead of feeling energized, many stomachs will cause fatigue and drowsiness. At break, the chocolate bars you can eat can make you feel better at that moment and you can make you feel tired and sleepy. Instead, choose more complex carbohydrates such as crackers.

Keep the environment bright and ventilate.

An environment with little light and no air creates moisture recovery and sleepiness. Always keep the environment bright, ventilate, or go out and drink fresh air to increase energy.

If you are sleeping, find out why.

Medical specialist Edvin Murrja ist If you take the necessary precautions, you can ask your doctor for help, but I do not want to sleep. Generally, vitamin deficiencies such as anemia, sleep apnea syndrome, hypothyroidism, and drowsiness can cause drowsiness, General says.

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