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Erzurumspor – Akhisarspor Results: 2-1 – BŞB Erzurumspor News

Sports Toto Super League Last week, leaving the 1-0 to Göztepe and staying in the legion of Akhisarspor, the fear of Erzurumspor 's Metropolitan Borough was absolutely critical. Dadadaşlar 1-0 Fall, despite the struggle, will spend 3 points to earn the cluster in the name of staying in the cluster. As a result, the Metropolitan Autonomous Region increased its Erzurumspor score to 25 and ranked 17th. Akhisarspor 24 points are ranked 24th.


5. Akahisarspor attacked the mania in just one minute, striking the penalty area. Sehic beat the ball to the net at the last minute.

On the 22nd, Akhisarspor Bokila hit the left side. Goalie Sehic takes the corner.

With 26 minutes played, the home side defense had managed to get a ball off into attack over the edge of the penalty area.

After landing in the middle, the ball in front of the penalty area down to Manu aut line meets Aykut's narrow ball.

42 minutes into the penalty area, Eduok goalkeeper Lukac succeeded to corner. Sunu 's kicked the ball in the corner of the head kick and narrowly went auta.

48 Manu minutes, the penalty area shot, and the goalkeeper was out of danger.

A penalty kick was awarded to Tolga & n Ak's Arhisarspor Eduok & in a penalty area after a penalty kick by Lukeac's goal.

In the 61st minute, Konenin fired the ball in the middle field behind Kurai. A man from the country gave the pass. Manu was a scorer for Sehic.

BB Erzurumspor, Ibrahim and the ball receives a yellow card in the 1-1th minute.

The 75th-minute left wing, Ermula Rumsforda Ema, sends the ball to the center of the head. 2-1. Intermediate referee Suat Arslanboğa talked with VAR room for a while. The goal was not to change the decision and started the game.

After this moment, the attack results of both teams were not in 90 minutes. BB Erzurumspor & # 39; un ended with a rule of 2-1.



Erzurumspor: Sehic, Leo, Opseth, Kanstrup, Taylan, Tolga, Hakan, Kone, Obertan, Presentation, Eduok

Akhisarspor: Lukac, Zeki, Cocalic, Caner, Kadir, Rotman, Aykut, Guray, Seginho, Manu, Bokila

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