Monday , September 26 2022

Everyone thought it was a discount! Meğerse Wholesale Opportunity


The most recent October inflation figures showed that some people turned the total struggle with the Inflation Program Tower into opportunity. Thousands of companies currently offer at least a 10% discount, but a total of 407 articles published by TURKSTAT show that many products continue to enjoy discounts according to the basket of inflation. According to stellar news, the price of 42 items did not change in October, the price of 328 items rose and the price of 37 items dropped. According to the data, only furniture, automotive and airline companies have withdrawn part of the exchange rate hike with the discount promise. However, over the range of discount campaigns announced on October 9, more than 2,500 companies in many areas promised a minimum 10% discount. Discounts are also expected to be partially reflected in October inflation. However, October inflation increased by 2.67%.

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Despite the promise of discounts, sectors such as food, clothing footwear and department stores are the main sectors of this sector. Especially in the past, white household appliances continued to increase and SCT became zero. While the refrigerator increased 17% in September and 11% in October, the increase in the washing machine was 20 + 5%. Dishwashers increased by 20% in September and by 8% in October. The smallest increase was due to the seasonal impact of the air conditioner. In September, air conditioner prices rose 8% in October. In October, cell phone rates did not rise 9%. In October, clothing and footwear group had the highest rate of 12.74%, and the highest increase rate was 41% in the field.

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In October, a partial increase in furniture products (withdrawals in the 10-14% range) was withdrawn. Price reductions in these products were in the 3-4% band. Other discounted areas are air transportation. Flight tickets increased 16% in September, while the dollar was 12% off in October. The September bus ticket 2% raise was also canceled in October. Automobiles and rental cars declined in October. Automobile prices rose 15 to 16 percent in September, but dropped 2 to 4 percent in October. The decline in computers, which showed a 3% increase in September, was also very limited. Computer prices fell only 4% in October. The only area that has been through the rental car in the last two months was the only area. Car rental rates fell 7% in September and 4% in October.

Region recorded for 2 months in 2 months, WINDS STOCKERS PERCENTED 56 PERCENT

Many sectors are continuing to raise prices after the August hike, when the dollar peaked at 7,21 liras. Since then, the dollar has dropped 26 percent and the price has been announced at 5 L, but the food comes at the beginning of the food raising sector. Food and beverage prices rose an average of 3.24% in October. Due to seasonality in October, some of the pencil fruits and vegetables were excluded from the price hikes of the food baskets, but interesting impressions attracted attention. The highest price increase rate for tomato paste this year was 29% in September and 14% in October. Therefore, the depositors of the dollar saw a loss of 26% in two months and the shareholders' profit for two months was 56%. 8% in October, 8% in October, 4% in September-October 8, and + 2% in September-October 14, 11% to 5% of milk in October.

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Chairman TESK Bendevi Palandöken said last week that Total Fighting on inflation inflation was turned into a profit campaign. Palandöken "All products without exception, discount campaigns only apply to certain products, and discounts on profit campaigns. Opportunists sell new marketing strategies and offer discounts on unsold products. But it also stops the war on inflation. Using campaigns is not fair, "he said.

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