Wednesday , February 8 2023

Fetö's football structure example: Arif Erdem's request will be.


In case of the soccer field of the FETO, the court submitted the file to the prosecution and prepared a written opinion. I have decided to write a letter to return to football player Arif Erdem.

Former US footballer Ismail Demiriz Galatasaray and former national soccer players Arif Erdem and Uğur Tütüneker claimed the Tennessee right to be sentenced to up to 15 years in prison when held for trial. Arif Erdem was not present at the 23rd Criminal Tribunal of the Istanbul Court of Justice, the defendants in the hearing of the accused, Ismail Demiriz and Uğur Tütüneker. Defendants Takaleker and Demiriz repeated their previous defense.

The court decided to send the file to the prosecutor to prepare a comment on the trial. If comments on the matter were submitted between courses, it was decided that the comments should be sent to the defendants and lawyers of the case and that they should be given time to prepare for their defense.

The court also decided to give the correspondent Arif Erdem a letter sent by the Ministry of Justice Department of Justice to the case file and the letter necessary to transfer the prisoner.

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