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Ophthalmologist Dr. Sait Eğrilmez warns his parents: The most important reason for a child's eye disease is that you do not get plenty of sunlight because you do not spend time outdoors.

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The doctoral curriculum of the ophthalmology classroom at the University of Medicine in the University of Medicine said that 700,000 people in Turkey were not in the description of vision impairment. Nearsightedness seen in children is far from disease, and he has been watching tablets and cell phones for a long time and the child is not good enough to send away the sunlight, he said. They help prevent the development of nearsightedness by spending 2-3 hours outdoors all day in the open air. There is a prediction that half of the world will be nearsighted by 2050 because our children do not see computers with tablets. This is the most important cause of childhood myopia. Children are becoming more and more nearsighted because they are not in an open environment. Our children do not play at home hidden in their computers. We have to use our eyes away from 4 meters. You may feel that you do not need to see perspective when you see your computer. If you take vitamin D and keep it away from other diseases, and you do not want your child to become nearsighted. The State Department of Education does not extend the inhalation period in elementary schools. He has to go out of the classroom into the school garden in a sunny environment. He emphasized the importance of spending time. Dr. Sait Eğrilmez recently made a statement about yellow spots. Yellow spot disease is caused by aging related information in the central macula leri layer of the retina, which is responsible for reading, facial recognition and reading centers such as laba. Eğrilmez said that yellow spots began to increase in people between the ages of 65 and 70 and those of nearly 80 years of age. As human life lasts for a long time, there are about 250,000 newborns in our country with yellow spots every year. 90% of them are being treated, but 25,000 people can not increase well. Yellow spot disease is very important in early diagnosis in all diseases and emphasizes the importance of early diagnosis in the treatment of underlined diseases. Dr. Sait Eğrilmez also provided information about what to do for healthy eyes. One of the biggest threats to eye health is non-curvature. As a specialist in the Mediterranean diet, experts are experts in olive oil and fish intake, indicating that the diet is very healthy.

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