Saturday , June 3 2023

Healthy Nutrition, Exercise & Suggestions for Diabetes Prevention


Near East University Hospital. Dr. Ozgur Sirkeci said that one of the most important health problems, such as diabetes and the many diseases associated with it, could be early diagnosed and taken necessary measures that could be regulated over the years.

Explain that diabetes is one of the most important health problems today. In an investigation conducted throughout Turkey, Dr Serkesi, for example, increased the incidence of diabetes and he said that the frequency of this diabetes was determined by the frequency of 13.7%.

He also said that diabetes does not mean hyperglycemia. Dr. Sirkeci said that over the years it includes diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, gastroenteritis, neurological disorders and eye disease.

"Increasing the root cause of health problems"

The main reason for the increased frequency of health problems is irregular and unhealthy nutrition and associated obesity. Dr. Sirkeci, Diabetes can be prevented only by dietary and mobile lifestyle, can delay the development of disease, and obesity and sedentary lifestyles are the worst of diabetic patients.

"Diagnosis of the disease can be controlled by early diagnosis"

Explain that early diagnosis and necessary precautions can control many diseases that will occur within the next few years. Dr. Sirkeci therefore proposed regular health screenings in addition to adopting particularly healthy lifestyles in the abdomen around large, overweight, weight loss people with a family history of diabetes.

The most self-administered "type 2 diabetes"

Express. Dr. Sirkeci finished his speech.

"There are two types of diabetes, but there are two types of diabetes, the most common being type 2 diabetes associated with diabetes, obesity and insulin resistance. Insulin resistance can be measured by blood tests. With the elimination of insulin resistance, which plays an important role, the main steps are taken to take many medications that prevent and sometimes add to the onset of diabetes, which can only be controlled by dieting and exercise. It is the basic element of life. "- Nicosia

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