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It's like a heart attack! Symptoms of Broken Heart Syndrome include:

The issue came out last week when CNN announced a study that showed a direct relationship between cancer of the broken heart syndrome and cancer.

Broken Heart syndrome was first described in Japan in 1990 and has been placed in the scientific literature.

This syndrome occurs in people exposed to sudden stress.

Unexpected condition

The number of people with heart disease has suddenly increased due to war, soldiers, displaced persons, displaced persons, people in financial difficulties, natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes.

This syndrome can occur not only during social disasters, but also in unexpected situations, such as personal emotional shock, sudden loss of loved ones, pain of desperate love, dismissal, learning about serious diseases and limiting freedom.

Stress as well as pleasure and excitement are the causes of this syndrome.

What is Severe Chest Syndrome?

Symptoms of this syndrome begin almost like a real heart attack. Patients often complain of inability to breathe, pressure in the chest, pain and syncope.

These results are associated with over-secreted stress hormones.

Broken heart syndrome, stress hormone levels that start with sudden stress, and loads on the heart. In particular, cardiac contraction of the heart's heart muscle can cause this confusion.

Image of Japanese heart constriction disorder Tako-tsubo octopus They used to hunt for this disease because they call this disease. Today, Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy is globally known as & # 39; Broken Heart Syndrome & # 39 ;.

In the blood of the most important stress hormones, hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol levels, the sympathetic nervous system is activated and blood pressure rises and heart rhythm accelerates.

A permanent passage may be left.

This syndrome is not really a heart attack, but it can increase the risk of a heart attack by 2-5 times, especially in the first month.

You can also leave a permanent mark, rather than a temporary one, as you had previously thought.

According to a study by the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, Dr. Dana Dawson, who trained 52 patients over a four-month period, was previously thought to have been completely cured without medical intervention. .

In this study, the patient suffered damage to the heart muscle and the muscles did not fully pump the blood. Some of them later become heart patients.

Cancer News CNN Accurate

A study published last week at CNN International, as mentioned at the beginning of the article, attracted much attention as a result of research showing that heart attack syndrome causes cancer.

The study, published in the American Heart Association, was conducted on 1604 syncope syndrome patients in eight European countries and the United States. One in six people with deafness syndrome have cancer.

The incidence of cancer in women under the age of 44 is 0.4%, but this is increased to 8% in women with scab syndrome, while the incidence of cancer in men aged 45-64 is 2%, while the incidence of cancer in men with this syndrome is up to 22 %is. Serving up.

A similar study found that most patients (88%) are women.

The results of this study are accurate, but causality is not accurate!

Broken heart syndrome is not the only cause of cancer. Conversely, two diseases are triggered by the same common cause.

Both diseases are caused by the same factors, stress.

The destructive influence of stress in society

This condition, which occurs in unexpected times and times in human life and is called post-traumatic stress disorder, not only causes myocardial infarction syndrome, but also causes many other serious health problems.

I set aside psychological disorders and mental illnesses.

Heart disease is the leading cause of human death in the world. The biggest cause of this disease is sudden stress.

The risk of a heart attack is increased by 21 times on the first day of a person who has lost a loved one, the risk is reduced to six times a week, the risk of a heart attack is reduced a month later, and the stress hormone levels return to normal.

Strong stress also increases diabetes and insulin resistance.

In a study of people aged 46 to 74 years, 35% of patients with post-traumatic stress disorder had insulin resistance or diabetes during a 2-year follow-up period, a rate of 19% .

Posttraumatic stress disorder also doubles the development of metabolic syndrome leading to insulin resistance, diabetes and atherosclerosis.

Stress can also cause deterioration of many chronic diseases.

The most important damage of sudden stress is in the immune system. The body's immune system weakens and opens the way to infection, and disease is coming.

Most importantly, the stress environment that confuses human life, which is the deteriorating system of the body, accelerates the emergence of cancer by disrupting the hierarchy at the cellular level.

For these reasons, both the stress and cancer rates increase in a stressful environment.

Why human-oriented projects are important

Incidents, economic fluctuations, dollar changes, economic problems, natural disasters and migrations in our southeastern and eastern regions create stressful environments for people in our region.

Almost every day at an emergency clinic many people apply for "I have a heart attack," but most people who actually suffer from reflux syndrome are a small part of the crisis. This number is increasing.

However, this syndrome is not the only disease caused by severe stress. There are serious public health diseases such as infarction, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and cancer. Each of these diseases is a disease that limits human life and puts a serious burden on our health system.

It is very important that the stress and strain of society are relaxed and people are comfortable.

There are many jobs for managers, especially local governments.

In addition to roads, buildings and bridges, local governments need to develop more serious, more people-centered projects that are more important than themselves, and reduce social stress loads.

It may be late tomorrow.

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