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Last minute … I was curious! Tax revenues are clear …


Revenue Administration, 2017 year income tax and corporate tax period in Turkey resulted in the assessment of tax returns which the maximum tax announced the list of 100 taxpayers.

Accordingly, Turkey from the 2017 income tax tax period for March 2018 received a statement of 3,000,000 486,000 592 years of tax returns by taxpayers.

With income tax returns, 77 billion 339 million 779 thousand 509 pounds were reported in the sum, 20 billion 636 million 779 thousand 513 thousand income taxes were reported.

The honorary president of the ENKA Group, who died in June, was named Sharik Tara who passed the list of taxpayers who declared the highest income tax. For the year 2017, 53 million 583 thousand 488 kilograms tax was levied.

The corporation tax payers who have declared the first list of Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey. 3 billion 91 million 707 thousand pounds 367 tax accrued by the Central Bank last year, Turkey was the corporation tax recorder.


Revenue Administration (IOP), 2017 Period Corporate Tax Taxation General Turkey announced its first 100 rankings.

Accordingly, in 2017, the corporation tax payers Central Bank were followed by Ziraat Bank Garanti Bank, Akbank, Turkey Business Bank, Yapi Credit Bank, Turkey Foundations Bank, Halk Bank, Botas Petroleum Pipeline Inc. and Turkish Telecommunication Rt.

Eight banks participated in the first 10 of the list. In addition to banking services, the list of institutions and companies operating in the fields of telecommunications, energy, construction, retail, mining, technology and logistics has come to the fore.


Of the 52 taxpayers from Istanbul, whose names were mentioned in the first 100, paid the most corporation tax. 16 From Ankara, Izmir 2, from Kocaeli 2, Manisa, Antalya, Elazik, Samsun, Rize and a Zonguld.

The 43 companies on the list were corporate tax last year more than 100 million lire, while the lowest tax in the first 100 was 52 million 71 thousand 318.67 pounds.

Of the 100 best companies, 21 and companies in the company list did not want to report their name.

Top 10 of the list is:

1 – Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (TL 3,091,367,707.75)

2 – T.C. Ziraat Bank (2,294,828,967.34 TL)

3 – Turkey Garanti Bank (TL 2,081,589,217.14)

4 – Akbank (1.433.112.164,35 TL)

5 – Turkey Business Bank (TL 1,398,457,749.26)

6 – Yapı ve Loan Bank (924,334,566.62 TL)

7 – Turkey Foundations Bank (TL 799,684,743.09)

8 – The People's Bank of Turkey (TL 743,466,593.37)

9 – Petroleum Transport with Botaş pipelines (TL 657,411,577.94)

10 – Turkish telecommunications (595,841,686.92 TL)

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