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Make a healthy smile with a personal aesthetic fill!


Technology development in dentistry; Personalized dental designs, smile designs, and custom fill restorations. In addition to classic fillings, personalized inlays and onlays provide solutions as solutions instead of classic fillings.

A healthy solution for INLAY and ONLAY FILLINGS!

This method can be used to fill inlay formed after removal of diseased tooth tissue. The inlay is used to restore the lost tooth structure when the protrusion is destroyed and disappeared. One of the most important issues for a dentist is to preserve healthy dental tissue that remains while removing tooth decay. In some cases, however, it may not be possible to achieve this goal. However, inlays and on-lay fillings are important applications that contribute to the restoration and protection of diseased teeth. Fully customized inlays and on-laying, measured in the teeth, are preferred today to the most common materials, such as composite materials and ceramics. Inlay and on-lay fillings are excellent solutions for teeth and can not be restored with classic filling methods, but are not recommended for crown restoration.

Long life due to classic peeling

In the case of severe tooth damage, it is very difficult and often impossible to provide classical fillings with adjacent teeth. This stuffing puts the food between the two teeth into a situation that reduces the comfort of life by affecting the social life and making the patient feel uncomfortable. Inlay and onlay fillers are produced in the laboratory and this problem is eliminated. This is because the classical filling method offers the possibility of forming a limited formation in the mouth, while the inlay and onlay are prepared in laboratory conditions. After that, the dentist sticks to the patient's mouth. In deep fillers, classical fillers can not bond to teeth, and the reducer is much more developed with inlay and filler. The inlay and onlay filler integrated with the tooth with special adhesive is applied to the tooth in a key lock relationship. They last longer than classic fillings and have a higher harmony in their mouths.

As a result, inlay and onlay filling;

In rotten teeth treated with canals;

In teeth that can not contact adjacent teeth,

Aesthetically bad looking massive filling,

Areas with very high pressure for chewing

Provide a healthy solution for the patient.

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