Wednesday , June 7 2023

Message from Mevlid Kandili in the message of the Ali Erbaş Religious Chairman


Erbaş reminded Mevlid Kandili that on Monday 19th November 2018 the Prophet Muhammad Mustafa was anniversary of the existence of the earth.

Prophet Muhammad, the last prophet sent to mankind and to all mankind, pointed out that the moral values ​​and virtues of mankind have lost the moral values ​​of the prophet Muhammad, such as rights, laws, mercies and good morals, In the light of justice, justice and compassion, Erbaş, the era in which ignorance and cruelty prevailed with the advent of the Prophet Muhammad, and mercy, virtue and wisdom disappeared, disappeared. Ahde was faithful, moral, and one of the best examples of all good deeds. His coming, history's greatest improvement and history has been experienced in the planning of mind, thought and morality at the individual, social and universal levels. Expression used.

According to the Qur'an, "Love is a measure of obedience to God, and it is to those who believe in Allah and the Last Day and those who cry out to Allah with great cry," says the Prophet Muhammad, "as witnesses, gospel, It is the best example and the number of prophets I am in the form of a Qur'an that turns into life, so I can not ignore and understand Islam. "

Mawlid-i Nebi's memorial was to understand how and how to introduce justice, compassion, and love to the world, surrounded by big problems such as war, poverty, and despair.

"In order to know our prophet, righteousness, brotherhood, loyalty, mercy, friendship, courage, justice, benevolence, working for goodness, Allah's loyalty, freedom in the true sense" Beliefs and beliefs of believers who enjoy the honor of Sulham Ummah are important to show the world the principles of compassion, benevolence, fairness, goodness, goodness, and Islam. In the whole life, words, verbs, ideals and responsibilities, the life of the prophet's life and circumcision, the prophet's morality, the responsibility of the servant, and the love of the prophet in the heart of the unconscious consciousness. "

Erbaş celebrates Mevlid Kandil with all the citizens of the Islamic world. "We thank our Almighty Lord and congratulate our Lord for the means of unifying our feelings of unity, coexistence, and brotherhood." Used.

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