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Only one out of 10 COPD patients is aware of the disease.


Professor Dr. Hassan Bairam, 21st day of November 21st by his evaluation, to the world COPD, it is the patient's education on November 21, the Turkish slogan on the measurement of pulmonary function tests to solve the importance of "healthy breathing at all stages" To emphasize that it is possible to keep active in patients with obstructive pulmonary disease in everyday life, he said that he organized a variety of events that attracted interest in exercise science conferences and physical activities.

Bayram, COPD reduces the risk of early diagnosis, disease-related disability and mortality from 40 years of age, smoked or drunk, occupational or environmental conditions in dusty environments of people with coughing, sputum and dyspnea, If you find someone who can see you, you should do so.

"COPD is not recognized Y

Referring to the fact that COPD is a progressive lung disease caused by inhomogeneous inflammation in the respiratory tract and due to chronic bronchitis and destruction of the air sac, Bayram continued:

"The problem of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is publicized. Despite the fact that the degree of disease unknown by the prevalence of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is the major public health in the world (40) Turkey COPD one out of every five over 40 years old According to the global burden of disease research, COPD causes 2 million deaths annually and COPD is the third leading cause of death in the world today. Turkey's respiratory disease is the third most common cause of death And 5.5%, due to a per cent death from this 61.5 COPD.If there is not enough information on the society of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, early diagnosis and effective treatment are difficult. "

"Most of the risk is smoking, but AK

The most common risk factor for the development of COPD is tobacco smoke, Bayram says smokers have a higher rate of respiratory disease, respiratory dysfunction and COPD mortality than non-smokers.

The use of tobacco products such as pipes, cigars, water cigarettes and environmental tobacco smoke also contributed to the development of COPD. He explained that fuel smoke exposure, indoor air pollution and dust are the most important environmental hazards to working in the workplace.

Bayram pointed to decreased physical activity and activity as a risk factor and described the most common complaints in COPD as difficulty breathing, coughing and sputum. Delays in physical activity due to dyspnea, dyspnea, and pathways of the person do not want to walk and reduce daily work on Bayram. The quality of life of the patient is lowered, and disease progression, disability and death are caused.

Dr. Bayram conducted a simple and painless "breath test" to diagnose COPD early diagnosis of COPD, a reduction in disease-related disability and mortality. Therefore, in at least one of the cough, sputum and dyspnea symptoms of people aged 40 years or older, occupational or environmental conditions in a smoking or drinking and dusty environment, the thoracic physician must see the patient, You need to do something. He said.

VE away from smoking and air pollution "

Chairman of Turkish Thoracic Society COPD Working Group Assoc. Dr. Elif Sengshen has instructed that people with COPD can be prevented and treated for progressive disease, and those who are diagnosed with COPD should stop smoking and exacerbate and progress the disease. Tobacco, harmful dust, gas fumes, and air pollution have emphasized the need to stay away from each other, saying: Patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with respiratory failure need respiratory therapy, such as oxygen therapy at home, You may need the patient you need. In order to be protected from influenza and pneumonia vaccine, the administration of respiratory medicine should be appropriately applied. The implementation of lung rehabilitation makes patients more qualified in their daily lives. You do not have to do heavy exercises for proper physical activity. On most days of the week, normal intensity physical activity is sufficient. Walking, an activity that everyone can do, provides almost all the benefits of regular physical activity and positively affects the ill effects of the disease. "

"All treatments may not be suitable for all patients"

In the past few years there has been a great deal of dissatisfaction with the detailed examination of helical wire or valve placement after bronchoscopy. Despite all medical treatments, excessive volume increase of the lungs, which can be applied to reduce interventional procedures in emphysema patients Sen Sen Sen said:

However, these treatments should not be applied to all COPD patients because the international guidelines for scientifically proven therapies for diagnostic and therapeutic applications of COPD have provided detailed criteria for appropriate patient groups and patient groups. Detailed treatment must be performed to determine the patients who will benefit from this therapy, and only those patients who are eligible for this treatment should be provided with treatment. Most importantly, it is not a disease, but a treatment that can temporarily eliminate effects, that is, a disease-preventing treatment. Since the efficacy of several interventional methods in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease reported in various ways in the media has not been scientifically proven, there are no countries or countries in these methods. Scientific institutions or agencies are not recommended by the organization. "

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