Wednesday , April 14 2021

Placenta or psychology?

"Although eating a placenta has not proved that the world-famous star is young, there are very strong and healing stem cells inside the placenta.

The placenta is the source of the baby's life born until the birth of the baby. The baby eats umbilical cord from the mother through the fetus. The body discards the placenta during delivery.

Recently, celebrities such as Hillary Duff and Kim Kardashian are busy eating the baby's placenta after childbirth. Aesthetics Surgeon Serdar Bora Bayraktaroğlu talked about rejuvenating the placenta. Dr. Bayraktaroglu, the placenta meal has been busy since very old times. However, there is no proven rejuvenating effect on the placenta.

"The placenta is a very special work for the baby's growth and is the source of the baby's life born to the fetus's baby. There is a very strong and healable stem cell in the placenta. It can be a placebo effect that your doctor may use from time to time.

Today, the pharmaceutical industry has put the placenta in capsules and provided it as a supplement. Sometimes celebrating world famous celebrities after the placenta of this industry news is born can be read in promotional research, "he said.

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