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The art community supports family behavior in front of HDP

The actions of the family, claiming that members of the terrorist organization PKK have kidnapped their children, began on day 11. The famous name of the art world joined the act today.

Gülçin Ergen, Yavuz Bingöl, Muazzez Ersoy, Cengiz Kurtoğlu, Hazım Körmükçü, Hasan Kaçan, İskender Pala, and the writer Özhan Eren visited the family in a sedentary act and delivered a message. The writers talked with their mother for a while, taking pictures of the missing children.

AV YAVUZ BİNGÖL: Near weapons around the square

Yavuz Bingöl issued a statement about the visit and told his children not to cry anymore.

Bing ö said that she wants her mother not to cry anymore, to relieve this pain, to finish, to hug her children, kiss and smell it. Bring your gun to the square and collect your mother's tears one by one. End this pain, listen to your mother's voice, find a shelter in Allah, and give up the great wrong from this evil return. We can't replace our children, but we came here today to share the pain. I wish all my family back home safely. I want everyone to support & # 39; & # 39;

GÜLBEN ERGEN: Mother can't stop power early

Voice artist Gülben Ergen said that the mothers felt stronger when they visited.

Ergen, & # 39; we felt they were more powerful. If the mother's heart burns, she cannot cry and achieve strength. My mother screams and says it's over. Yesterday, a dangerous mine exploded here. We went to the funeral. People will not finish the miserable work. Peace, brotherhood, unity day. May Allah bring you to your children. You are more powerful than all of us can withstand power. You will win and your mother will win. & # 39; & # 39;

Hugh Koshii: Resistance to the Turkish family needs all respect

The artist Hülya Koçyiğit of Yeşilçam said he wanted to be with these people whose hearts were burning.

Kocyigit said, “People around the world were screaming because they wanted to hear their children. Let them hear this scream and respect this resistance. I want them to have children. That's all I want The Turkish respect all of their resistance. Not everyone can come to Diyarbakir, but all the hearts of these mothers are next to pain. Calling only artists is not enough. I believe every mother, father, screaming busty and supports this movement & # 39; & # 39;

HAZIM KÖRMÜKÇÜ: We are here for the inside

The actress Hazım Körmükçü said that her mother's mind was concerned and their problems were longing for a little treatment.

Değil do not have to worry because there are children too. When empathizing, it is a sacred duty to be a mother, which means that millions must be reached. Kullanan Körmükçü is sensitive to this issue by our state elders.

Körmükçü himself condemned terrorism and they could not go anywhere with evil and went on to say: “Love will surely win. We are here not as artists but as humans. We are here because we are sick as humans. We hope our problem of listening to Tasam will be as soon as possible and reach a solution. We want them to be happy. ”

MUAZZEZ ERSOY: Prayer with Mother

Muazzez Ersoy said that the mothers are here to share their feelings and weeping and know their pain and feelings very well because they are mothers.

Mothers want to meet son Ersoy. Meet in a beautiful way as soon as possible, and love to live in nests with children. Our prayers are with our mother. We came to support them to scream. I'm very happy to be here. ”

Hasan kakan: signing a successful massacre yesterday

Hasan Kaçan shared her mother's scream for several days on social media, expressing sadness and anger as she eyes her eyes tears and voice tremors.

Visits of artists who want to be cheats Kacan, screaming massacre, screams at the end of this dangerous terrorist organization. To fear them, yesterday they signed a disgusting slaughter. But their strength is enough for the poor. Eli can afford an unarmed peasant brother. Fucking terrorism, PKK. May the mother embrace her son. They embrace them with cravings.

Then the artists talked with their mother for a while and left the area.


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