Thursday , March 30 2023

The doctor broke his finger. The attacker was fined £ 500 for 5 months and 16 months.


doctor. Mehmet Gürkan Turan said that a woman next to the attacker started to print about twice, saying the patient was paralyzed and sick. Turan said the attacker wanted to print an insulin remedy when he arrived recently:

"When he asked me what insulin was, he gave me a paperwork, an overseas insurance papers document in his hand, we know where the medicine is being used by the foreign insurance company. I told you about the situation.He said on the computer.I told him before that we did not see any kind of medicine.He insulted me.I'm sorry that my mom and dad are sick I will help her to tell me the insulin I told her then she throws a paper on my face and I stand up and when I woke up she came up to me and grabbed my collar. I was also in his hand, he kicked me out because the door was open, he shook a little fist Did not hit me eat. Then he took the matter. I knew jyeoteum finger is broken. We complained bring the plaster. "

Turan's punishment, "I decided to pay five times, emphasizing that a £ 500 penalty would be imposed and that this would be considered in terms of the financial situation. I was not going to object to it. .

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