Tuesday , May 30 2023

The money money market sheds blood. Bit coin is falling!


Satashinakamoto code 2,008 Bitcoin is a password he has released over the last few days, decrease It has passed.

Bitcoin has previously named record growth and is now losing blood.

last month $ 6500 1 Bitcoin, $ 1,000 a month $ 5500 Backward. Bitcoin recorded a loss of about 15% and experienced the most depreciation in a month after it was released. The effect of the decline also reduced the volume of the Bitcoin cryptography market. The $ 20.9 billion currency has shrunk to $ 18 billion since the decline.

Other encrypted currencies

In addition to Bitcoin, other encrypted currencies have sharply decreased. Rippleors 9.2% and Ethereum 13%.

Investors are anxious.

Investors who invested in a sharp decline in virtual money Stimulation Recipient.

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