Thursday , February 2 2023

The pitch series player could not hide his girlfriend further.


"The Age" series that brings the life of the Pitt series to life, Aner Erkan told his girlfriend at Akmerkez last Friday, "Let's talk to the phone.

Identified from the end

Öner Erkan & # 39; ın was beside the face of a woman who appeared as famous model Beril Kayar, refraining from providing images. Öner Erkan and Beril Kayar have been together since early summer.

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"One postmortem is human.

Beril Kayar, famous for his brave pose with Didem Soydan, said, "What is the definition of love?" "I do not believe in eternal love and monogamy, it is a violation of human nature, and we all know it, but sometimes we want to believe in concepts like" infinite love "that are oppressing ourselves or romantic, It is not even a dream that can be agreed for a long time, and utopia is not convincing. "

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View Beril's full profile to …

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