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Trilogy News – Neurologist Assoc Dr. AKPINAR: Spent every three minutes in a stroke in Turkey & # 39; s


Professor Gökhan İÇKİLLİ / SAMSUN, (DHA) – Department of Neurosurgery, Department of Neurosurgery, Samsun Samsun Institute of Bioscience and Research. Dr. Sutin Kursad AKPINAR said that the world 's most common disability was the disease in Turkey, leaving the second most common disease in the 3 minute death, informing the disease causing a person' s stroke.

A stroke center that shows no fate is a treatable disease. Neuroscience clinic, neurosurgery clinic, interventional neurologist Assoc. Stroke is a disease caused by vascular occlusion or blood vessel rupture. This disease should come to you in situations where you can not speak to someone who can see your work independently, such as interruptions in your mouth, right or left paralysis or weakness, and dizziness at first and severity. The time of stroke is very important, as is the case with heart failure. Because of the rapid death of brain cells, said.

& # 39; Risk of Death & # 39;

Stroke is an important public health problem, Akpinar said. Worldwide stroke is the world's most frequent disease and the second most common cause of death. One third of strokes are injured and one third die. It is therefore an important public health issue. Approximately 2 million people in Turkey suffer strokes each year. In other words, a person is suffering from a stroke within three minutes. Stroke is no longer destiny. Because the acute phase is given the first 4.5 hours of intravenous drug therapy, and if there is a large vascular occlusion for up to 8 hours, it is treated by intravenous injection. Stroke can be fully improved in the early stages of a patient's stroke, especially intervention, he said.

In two years, 81 patients intercepted & # 39;

Akpınar has been organizing the Samsun Training and Research Center, which was established at the center to provide world-class expressions.

In most cases, mechanical thrombectomy has been one of the most important therapeutic innovations in the last decade to prevent disability and death in most patients. In order to avoid deprivation of the stroke patient in this treatment, the patient must immediately bring 112 patients to the hospital with a stroke. The Samsun Training and Research Hospital Stroke Center, which started operation with the support of our health manager and primary care physician, continues to serve our region as a global standard. During the last two years, 81 patients were injected intravenously with 81 patients. 112 emergency services teams, stroke center nurses, staff, angiography and tomography staff, emergency room doctors, and neurologists participate in diagnosis and treatment. Diagnosis


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