Wednesday , March 29 2023

"We have one goal and become an eternal being in the league"


Sports Toto Super League 12 week, MKE Ankaragucu, defeated 2-0 away Atiker Konyaspor a.

At the press conference after the meeting, Ismail Kartal, MKE Ankaragucu Technical Director, said, "Today we were planning to return to our home for every game once we got at least one point and get three points. We give the opponent some positions, We started with a passion in the second half, so why not go to the VAR system or warn us that 100% is not penalized? In our stabilized game, our goal with our own pencil is to balance We ate a second goal, but ate a second goal, and as a result, we could not get points here today, sorry, we are looking ahead. I hope you will. "

"We have a comfortable season and the only goal to be in the league forever this year"

"It is a handicap not to use Kubilay, a big handicap that does not have Alihan today," says Kartal Technical Director. "If we look like a stopper, there is no movement because there is no alternative. In the middle, we will be defeated for the first time because there are a few players who have been fighting in this league for years and injured, and we will be defeated. Thank God we did not, but there is a reason. The player was out of the way. The ideal 11 's probably could not have come out of the arena.

Ismail Kartal, MKE Ankaragücü Technical Director, commented on Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's signature on his uniform: "It's the 80th anniversary of our death, and as we become the head of our country, I can not fight in today's form, I think, "he said.

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