Monday , November 30 2020

Xiaomi knows there is no limit to endurance testing!

Recently Xiaomi President Redmi Jurin Bin 7 Walnut I sat on the agenda. Smartphone durability test Interesting adaptation We have become accustomed recently. However, Xiaomi Top level Civil servant, endurance test Other size I started to win. Take a look at the new Xiaomi durability test. This test can be of interest to all of us.

Xiaomi endurance test is attracting attention!

Latest videos posted by Xiaomi authorities Red States Day 7 . It is true that the company has made a special effort for this model. President Xiaomi, Redmi, Luway RoomWhen Lin Bin finished, he joined the anger of endurance testing. Unlike previous videos Test after You can see the situation. Also, caution attractive It can also be called.

Red Meat 7 Walnut He breaks down, stairs Rounds, cut plate I've seen it used already. But using it to tear a watermelon is a little different. after the test Problem no You look. Of course we do not recommend trying at home. Xiaomi creates different marketing strategies. Way and how much? We do not know yet. But about brand A similar response may be expected.

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