Thursday , March 30 2023

Al Ittihad continues to slip out of the Saudi League, losing to Fayhaa and down the rankings.


Jeddah's team lost seventh in the Saudi League after losing to Al-Faya in the ninth round.

The Al Fayhaa team Danilo Moreno Esperlia The opening goal in the 16th minute Ali Ittihad's Romario Ricardo da Silva scored in the 23rd minute.

The first half had a positive result for each team before Alexandros Thiazoles posted the first half of the second half.

The UEFA team has been unable to return to the game in the remaining time, so the results of the Saudi League championship have been negative since the beginning of the season.

The defeat led to UEFA's 16th and 2nd place, nine games, seven games, two losses and no victory.

On the other hand, after the victory, Al-Pahia's 10th placed 10th in the Saudi League table.

Al-Ali will host the Jeddah Football Federation on November 27 at the Saudi Super Cup.

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