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Al Ittihad newspaper – Dubai World Port listed bonds and bonds $ 3.3 billion


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Hossam Abdel Nabi (Dubai)

DP World today celebrated four US $ 3.3 billion multi-currency debt deployments to Nasdaq Dubai.
Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem, President and CEO of DP World Group, said yesterday that the 10-year-old sukuk worth $ 1 billion and the traditional three-year bonds worth $ 1 billion (30-year bonds) 8-year worth of € 150 million and 12-year listing of £ 350 million
The deal is the largest bond issuance in the Middle East since 2014 and the first triple currency issue by the Middle Eastern issuer over the last 12 years.
President of DP World, Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem said, "The market has demonstrated its attractiveness and global confidence in this transaction, exceeding 300% of the volume of the problem. This multi-edition version is the first in Asia Pacific And was able to attract new investors in various forms and currencies.
Abdul Wahid Al Fahim, president of NASDAQ Dubai, said, "DP World's multi-format debt consolidation demonstrates UAE's securities trading infrastructure's ability to meet the needs of large international funding companies." DP World strengthens Dubai's expansion into the global capital of the Islamic economy.
Hamed Ali, chief executive officer of NASDAQ Dubai, said that four listings on September 26, 2018 have resulted in Dubai World's current listing of Dubai World's global debt stock in the region's total global stock market ranging from eight to $ 7.03 billion , According to the report. Makes the company valued as the largest Emirati issuer in Nasdaq Dubai.
NASDAQ Dubai has taken DP World Group as its first issue to celebrate the listing of a new stock market platform specially designed to host events and media. The highlight of this event is Dubai's leading role in debt placement and is leading the world's largest Sukuk listing with a total value of $ 60.4 billion.

Jeddah port development and Indian land acquisition plan

DP World expects the Saudi Ports Authority to approve the development of the Jeddah Port, the largest in the Kingdom in terms of 65% throughput of cargo through the Saudi port, and will proceed with the development process once the green signal is available, In an interview with reporters, Salim Chairman and CEO told reporters that DP World took the opportunity to expand the group by acquiring an industrial complex about five kilometers from the port, and DP World's investment in India is a gift. In the field of ports, the company's largest investment portfolio is the Indian coast, which owns a port that supports 30% of the container trade volume of $ 2 billion (7.33 billion Dirham).
Bin Sulayem announces an annual investment of $ 800 million to $ 1 billion ($ 3.67 billion) to expand and capture growing global business opportunities.
He pointed out that several expansions have been announced in several places, including the expansion of Jebel Ali port, the port of Bosnia in Ecuador, Berber in Somalia, Port de Fusion in Senegal and other areas. Considering the recent expansion of Egypt's Ain Sukhna and Somaliland's Berbera harbor, this group on the important transport of the Red Sea is considering expansion opportunities in Africa's Horn of Africa, which needs dozens of ports to improve its shipping and shipping services There is .
Bin Sulayem, president of Virgin Hyperlink One, said DP World is interested in technology in the business sector that urged the UAE to participate in the Virgin Hyperlink Experience. He said. Items sensitive to flight speed and transportation costs.
Bin Sulayem said that DP World has always achieved results that surpass analyst expectations and that the group will use the proceeds of recent issues to capture future investment opportunities and provide liquidity to help refinance some projects, In particular the price of this group is very tempting and may not be available in the future.

Al Ittihad newspaper – Dubai World Port listed bonds and bonds $ 3.3 billion

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