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Channel MBC Iraq – Set the frequency of channel mbc Iraq 2019 and signal technology (HD

We provide valuable visitors from all over the Arab world. Mbc frequencyWhere we will show you in the new report MBC Iraq frequencyThe satellite will be available soon via Nilesat satellite.

We will be with you in the following report. Frequency channel mbcTo launch MBC Group channel Iraq MBC New TV entertainment for the whole family.

Mbc frequency

The popular MBC channel is developing and growing through a five-year expansion and development plan as part of a plan to launch a new MBC Iraq channel.

MBC Iraq frequency

The launch of the new "mbc Iraq" channel is a result of the MBC group's hard work to emphasize its relationship with Iraqi audiences, which includes the channel's first program network and various Iraqi productions, programs, dramas or comedies Focus on. It will come as no surprise that a unique Iraq war will take place when the Ramadan season is approaching.

Frequency channel mbc

Sam Barnett said the new channel is based on the vision of Al-Ghadarah Al Waleed Al-Ibrahim, chairman of the group's growth and expansion plans, In terms of technical and technical integration of sound image and technology techniques that use the best international standards and practices with the highest competence and expertise to meet the requirements of all members and ages.


MBC Iraq 2019 will feature a number of entertainment programs to be included in the program map in social comedy.

  • Coma d is a comedy comedy that includes a set of fixed elements and variable elements, and many stars and other stars such as Alaa Hussain, Solaf, Iyad Radhi, Ihsan Daddoush and Ali Jaber.
  • "Suraya" is a music lyric program that advocates numerous Iraqi positions to deal with their work, job, and privacy in literature, poetry, and writing.
  • "The Night and Da & # 39; dosh" Program This program depends on many conversations and attitudes.
  • The program "Broadcast Jokes" and comedy (Sabah Hillary and Vashem al-Baghdad, Yasser Sami, Majid al-Yashin)
  • The "Beauty House" program addresses issues related to Iraqi women by talking about all women in the fashion, beauty, fashion, make-up and childcare sectors.

Mbc frequency of Iraq via Nilesat

satellite Channel frequency Encoding speed Error coefficient
Nilesat 201 HD level 27500 5/6
Nile River 201 SD 11938 UL,]D 27500 5/6

The new channel is scheduled to start next Sunday (February 17).

You can now start and start the channel program officially on November 17th, by controlling the frequency using the table attached to the NileSat satellite report.

The first feature of this channel will be the artistic evening of the Tantura Winter Iraqi Festival in Saudi Arabia on Friday 15 February and the singer Kazem Al-Saher will praise and inspire catchers

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