Monday , November 30 2020

"Environment and Protected Areas" implement awareness raising to remove roasted charcoal.

Sharjah 24:

The Sharjah Environment and Nature Protection Authority (EPA) educated the public about the damage caused by barbecue charcoal and how to apply the right barbecue mechanism to tourists and visitors on Al-Hawash Street between Nizwa and Al-Madamah And carried out realistic plan and recognition to dispose of charcoal locally. The event, which is a safe and sound treatment of roast charcoal, includes a leaflet with a barbecue charcoal disposal mechanism and a container containing Ghaf seeds to encourage the public to create it.

Saif Al Suwaidi, Chair of the Environmental and Nature Conservation Authority, has the authority to translate and implement environmental visions and guidelines, including the protection, preservation, cleanliness and sustainability of Dr. Supreme Council Chairperson and Dr. Sharbah's ruler, Dr. Sultan Boh Mohammed Al Qasimi . And the awareness of the damage to the barbecue charcoal in the wild, the professional team is fully operational in relation to the strategies of the authorities, especially awareness campaigns and initiatives.

Al Suwaidi is eager for environmental authorities to undertake various awareness-raising activities that contribute to the improvement of the environmental awareness of the community. Responsibility for environmental conservation and protection is a high level of cooperation that is positively reflected in the environment, conservation and sustainability. It is pointed out that it depends on the adjustment. Planned to be implemented throughout the year.

Director General of Environment and Nature Protection expressed appreciation and appreciation for the efforts of team members of the authorities who carried out their duties as much as possible and expressed the appreciation and appreciation of her authority and awareness and the role of the athletes Praised for cooperation and interaction.

The initiative informs people about the dangers of negative environmental behavior as a result of conservation and conservation of wildlife areas and erroneous practices of removing barbecue charcoal, providing an ideal environment for people traveling in the wild, It contributes to enjoy nature.

The initiative was preceded by a local clean-up campaign from 4 pm to 5 pm with all the bags, barbecue garbage and other garbage, and a large number of volunteers from Sharjah's Emirates participated in several government and civilian organizations.

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