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FilGoal | News What did Diaz do for Gros, Ajiri and the former two Ahli? Supernatural record

Ramon Diaz has appointed a new technical director for the Pyramid team. What did he do when he faced the Ahli team, the director of Christian Gross in Zamalek and Jacob Aguirre in Egypt?

Ramon Diaz (59) has been in contact with Saudi League manager Jamalek coach Christian Gros, and Patrice Cardieren and Juan Carlos Garrido have joined the former Avalon duo and Agguelle Faced.

Diaz has an amazing record and has not lost any face to Jamalek Coach, Egyptian coach and former national team coach.

Diaz has twice won six times. Eight confrontations did not know the taste of defeat.

Against a gun

Ramon Diaz and Christian Gross met in Saudi Arabia three times during the 2016-17 season.

Diaz won twice while the duo once drawn.

In the league, Al Hilal (Diaz) scored a double at the expense of Ahli Jeddah (Gros), scoring a 0-0 draw in the second round of the same season.

The most important confrontation of the season was the duo in the Kings Cup final. Al Hilal has won two goals. Diaz lifted the title in front of Gross's eyes.

Omar Khirbin, the current pyramid striker and former Crescent striker Ahly Jeddah.

Against Carteron

Diaz played Patrice Carteron twice when he won his final victory over Patrice Catherine.

King & # 39; s Cup The first game of the 2016-17 season in the Season 8 Quarter ended with Al Hilal winning.

In the league, Al Hilal (Diaz) did not sweep 5 points (Cartieron) against the goal.

Omar Kharabin recorded a hat trick to lead Crescent's victory.

Against Garrido

Diaz and Juan Carlos took the lead in only one fight.

Crescent won the Crescent in the Saudi League after scoring in the 2016-17 season.

Neocolas Melesi's goal was to get Crescent on the contract.

Against Javier Aguirre

The current coach of Egypt has met Diaz twice but not in the Saudi league but in the AFC Champions League 2017.

Crescent signed the same group as the UAE unit under the leadership of Agiri.

The first meeting between the UAE's two teams saw the progress of Crescent for the first time in a dramatic encounter, then put the unit back on the table and tied the Saudi team in the second half.

In the second leg of the Saudi Arabia, Al Hilal played without any goals.

Carlos Eduardo scored in the penalty spot and Hilal won the unification.

Al Hilal scored the last goal with just four points.

Al Hilal finished his career until he lost the title of Urawa Red Diamonds in Japan.

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