Thursday , March 30 2023

Health stories about the amount of Pfizer expected to be imported


Dr. Ghazi Sharkas, Assistant Secretary for Primary Health Care at Khaberni, said Jordan will import a sufficient amount for 15% of Jordanian citizens, which can be increased to 20% and will decide to purchase another quantity after experience.

He said in a statement on Jordan TV on Tuesday that Jordan agreed with the World Health Organization (WHO) to import a sufficient amount for 10 residents at the lowest possible price, and also with producers (Pfizer) to import an additional 5%, and vaccines If this convinced and competing vaccine doesn’t come in price, he explained it would raise it by 10%. best.

He pointed out from an epidemiological point of view that there is no need to reserve a larger amount of vaccine before the vaccine is successful, and Jordan will import more.

And he said that the vaccine will be given in the first line of defense-healthcare workers, then to people with immunodeficiency or chronic diseases.

Sharkas said the vaccine’s goal is to make antibodies, so anyone infected with the corona does not need to get the vaccine.

And the vaccine is free.

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