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“I love you reckless,” Tamer Hosney said to his wife, and the stars mocked her.


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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

I wrote-Yasmine El-Sharkawy:

Painter Tamer Hosni didn’t know that his sentence, trying to end the conflict with his Moroccan wife, Basma Bousil, was going to be a “trend” on social networking sites as soon as it was published, and, among many other words he directed to his wife, beyond the sentence he said was No, she received a lion’s share of interaction and ridicule. The same goes for some artists as well as social media users.

“Masrawy” reviews how the artist commented on Tamer Hosni’s “I love you, you reckless” phrase.

Farsi Abdel Wahab

Artist Fathi Abdel-Wahab participated in a mocking of Tamer Hosni’s message to his wife, posted a photo of him with star Yasser Jalal on his Facebook page and said, “Reckless, but I love you.”

Shaima Saif

Actress Shaima Seif also interacted with Tamer Hosney’s verses through her’instagram’ account and left sarcastic comments about the’comics’ of artist Vivi Abdo. “Oh, oh pete, the house will ask him for a divorce, because he is reckless, but speaks with your love.”

Mustafa Dar Wish

Artist Mustafa Darwish participated in a mocking campaign that affected Tamer Hosni and posted a photo of him collected by artist Reham Abdel Ghafour from the scenes of the series “Rubu Karat” to comment on the circular sentence and say “reckless but I love you” Said.

In a message to Basma yesterday Monday, Tamer said, “Basma, my love, unfortunately you thought well, gave me and you for the evil of social media. Because of their empty comments, me and you forgot to know me and me. And this is the essence of my work, the essence of what you know.

Tamer added: “The important thing is that I will not be angry with you and will not be satisfied with your anguish. You are my love and the mother of my children. I will support you and your back no matter what. But I want to say That can be a good reason to educate a lot of people. Why would someone in society upset someone who writes about it?” What is the relationship of people in the media, medicine, personal problems between the two, until the first tells him, can be solved by phone or a benevolent visit between them? And you see it as a problem at first, and unfortunately you know that there are those who love family destruction in their nature because our Lord made what we have with affection and mercy between us. We won’t get rid of them, but it’s you who will get rid of the idea that you’re listening, even if you don’t like it.

“Oh, I want to focus on the energy of those who called us and prayed for all the good to the children. In fact, I would like to thank everyone and the artists who saved the good for us, and I am convinced that I am embarrassed to write this article. It’s a reckless act, but you don’t mind. I always taught you and didn’t know you. My soul used to say this was clear, but you shared with you a respected audience, so here we are our beloved love and dignified life and our children. Between us there was a need to respond, and between us is the most precious thing in it, our Lord will leave with us and be impulsive, but will give to us with your love.

Basma Busil apologized to Tamer Hosney’s message via “Story Instagram”, saying, “I was really reckless…but I’m sorry I love you.”

And Moroccan actress Basma Bousil surprised everyone by announcing her breakup with star Tamer Hosni via “Story Instagram” before deleting her post four days ago.

Basma Bousil wrote on Friday: “For everyone who follows Tamer’s photos and videos, I know you don’t respect me in your photos or videos. I hope you don’t do anything so I don’t leave any photos behind.”

“I want to know that we have spoken for a period of time and are preparing the divorce papers. We respect each of us’ feelings and at least wish it was nullified. Any need succeeded.”

Artist Tamer Hosni married artist Basma Bousil in 2012, had two daughters “Thalia and Amaya” and was born “Adam”.

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