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"Investment in Sharjah" expands economic partnership in Goering Global in London.


18 11 2018

With 80 economists from 20 countries attending, Sharjah Invest in Sharjah attended the "Goinha Global" exhibition in London, an international corporation that is expanding its business in the region. It is one of the most important European exhibitions with strategic alliances with institutions. Increase trade transactions.

Mohammed Juma Al Mashrekh, Secretary General of Mohammed Juma Al Mashrekh, invited experts and economists, including over 60 suppliers, as well as experts and economic experts representing the most prestigious business areas such as technology and logistics, Held a seminar on the "Sharon Gate of the Middle East" at the "Direct Investment Fair". We provide services and solutions for people who want to invest in foreign countries all over the world.


He is trying to provide the Emirates with the advantages, services and infrastructure that meet their aspirations and needs to investors and international corporations in all their needs. The investment attracts a promising market based on an economic diversity approach, It is the center of investment. Focus on important investment sectors that see harmonious growth, including industry, retail, medical and renewable energy.


Al-Mashreq participated and highlighted Sharjah's latest economic development and facilities and incentives for areas of interest to European companies such as trade, tourism, hospitality, environment, health and logistics.

He also announced that the legislation announced by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the UAE governor, aims to promote and develop the investment climate and to sustain foreign direct investment growth. . When connecting prospective investors to prospects who play a key role as a key platform for long-term investment in Emirates.


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