Thursday , March 30 2023

IPhone voice help plays the role of puppet


Application interface

Application interface "Tinder" – archive image

The cognitive application uses artificial intelligence techniques to analyze the conversation and suggestions to users for goals or origins during the first deadline, or to find a partner that is similar to their favorite actor. Shinder Rad, founder of Tinder, Intelligence "" In the future Siri (voice support service for iPhone phones) is expected to play a role of puppet.

Until recently, Tinder, the most popular smartphone application that allows users to view partner photos, allowed users to choose the right people for them.

However, to avoid long, futile searches, the industry has turned to artificial intelligence, and applications based on this technology have received much attention recently at the Internet Summit in Lisbon.

The e-Harmony Web site announced that AI could encourage users to post a set amount of messages and then introduce them to people who are interacting.

Grant Langston, CEO of eHarmony, commented, "There are a lot of conversations going on in dating applications, but given dates are usually fewer."

Stress relief

He plans to apply the English "Love Filters" to people he knows, analyze conversations between users, check compatibility, and suggest meetings on time.

One of the application's founders, Daigo Smith, said: "They will be warned that you are very harmonious. Why not start dating?"

Love Filters proposes a mid-point meeting between user accommodations using an application from Four Square that helps smartphone users find nearby restaurants or cafes.

"It relieves pressure from the first dating," Smith said.

Sean Turn, founder of Tinder, said artificial intelligence "will have a better experience," and Siri, the iPhone's voice support service, is expected to play a role of puppet.

Sound control

A new application called AEM that works only on voice control is being tested by 1,000 users in Denver, Colorado and is available throughout the United States next year.

When a user opens an application, the user's voice asks for the individual's taste, hobby, and destination.

The app then suggests users who are synced. When a user selects a potential partner, the voice prompt displays what they know about the person.

Then, in a few days, using audio will help you prepare for the call and give you tips on how to conduct your first meeting.

Kevin Timman, the developer of this application, said, "Enjoy your dinner, for example by telling yourself that you are somewhat traditional, depending on your taste."

When the meeting is over, we will evaluate the appointment with the two people through the application and then propose a second meeting or follow-up.

Question Effect

A London-based application, BADU uses artificial intelligence and face recognition technology to help you find your favorite star or partner looking like your ex-girlfriend.

The user takes a picture of someone who wants a partner like himself and then finds the application among 400 million "Badu" users around the world.

However, using artificial intelligence in dating applications is not something everyone can understand.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said at the opening ceremony of the Internet satellite, "Artificial intelligence is everywhere and helps find stocks, policy actions, and even partners in life, but at this point I have doubts about this effect. That. "

"The other half is very happy because we have chosen it in the traditional way," said Guterich, a former Portuguese prime minister who married a Lisbon city counselor.

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