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Liam Nison's racist remarks make his premier debut canceled.

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Liam Nishin

Liam Nesson's movie premier was canceled in a resentful racist remarks and tried to kill a black man after his girlfriend was raped.

The reporters received information about canceling the concert for the first show of the movie "Cold Hunt" two hours before the opening ceremony.

Nixon denied accusations of racial discrimination. However, the comments released on Independent on Monday caused much controversy and resentment.

"He wants to have a broad conversation about racism," Nison said.

The organizers of the opening ceremony said they would not take pictures or interview at the New York premiere.

What he said niece?

Nison made controversial remarks at a promotional event for his new film, The Thriller Against Revenge.

Nison said rape occurred long ago and he raped it after he returned from his overseas trip. Nisson continued to talk about racist language attacks on invaders.

"I was very exceptionally involved in the rape case, but the immediate reaction was … I asked who I knew."

"I was sitting with a blackjack, hoping someone would come close to me, I was ashamed of it, and I wanted to drink and I would gaze casually, until I kill him …".

How was the reaction? niece?

"I am not a racist," Nison told ABC's "Good Morning America" ​​program.

He asked what he wanted to be the result of this experience for people and he replied:

"We all consider customs and traditions of society, and the same thing happens in our country, but occasionally there will be racism and parochialism."

He said that his knowledge of his girlfriend who was raped by a crime about 40 years ago called him "a primitive desire for revenge."

"He deliberately goes to a place where black people live in search of the pretext of using physical violence," Nison said.

He said he would have done the same thing if he had attacked his girlfriend White, but he was shocked by his reaction.

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Bonnie Grear

How was the reaction?

Gary Young told the Guardian, "The next time someone asks me why I do not look like a museum, I will not be pleased.

"I can say honestly: I must always be alert because the Oscar nominee is waiting for me."

Keinad Andrews, a black research professor at Birmingham City University, told the BBC that Nixon's remarks were "totally inadequate and aggressive" and promoting "lack of taste and decency".

"He may have finished his career," said playwright Bonnie Greer.

But former football and anti-racist activist John Barnes defended Nison in an interview with BBC Radio 5 Live.

Barnes said he felt shame and disgrace within a week of the incident, saying, "It was wrong because we thought of it this way." "We have to intervene in that conversation."

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