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Smoking a mother during pregnancy affects the baby's eyes.


Warning: Mom's smoking during pregnancy affects your baby with your eyes.
Make your eyes unbalanced.

Posted by Harmony 08 – 11 – 2018

According to a recent Chinese study, smoking a mother during pregnancy poses the risk of being sick or having a poor vision.
The study was published in the paper "Acta Ophthalmologica" published on Wednesday by researchers from China's Huazhong University of Technology and Technology.
Ulcers are optical defects that make the eye unbalanced, and each eye changes in different directions. One eye may be bent forward, and the other eye bent inward, outward, up or down.
These imbalances are visible to the eye and sometimes disappear or disappear. This imbalance can be transmitted between the eyes.
Eyes around the eyes can cause visual impairment, sometimes with poor dual eyes and poor visual acuity, or as "blurry eyes" or "lazy eyes" as a result of ignoring one eye's eyesight.
To investigate the relationship between maternal smoking and childhood injury, the team reviewed 11 scientific studies.
The researchers found that smoking during pregnancy increased the risk of neonatal death by 46 percent. This is one of the most common eye diseases among newborns.
The researchers also found that smoking 10 cigarettes a day during pregnancy increased the risk of illness to 79 percent among children.
"Smoking is a public health problem, especially in developing countries, and it has a big impact on contraception," said Dr. Zukson Low, research director.
Previous studies have shown that women who smoke during pregnancy have children with health problems, particularly low birth weight, premature birth, birth defects and sudden infant death syndrome.
She also explained that maternal smoking affects the efficiency of the lungs of newborn babies. Neonates not only negatively affect the physical growth and maturation of adolescence, but are also a major cause of infant mortality.
According to a recent report by the World Health Organization (WHO), about 6 million people smoke in the eastern Mediterranean region each year, including 5 million existing and current tobacco users and 600,000 non-smokers exposed to secondhand smoke every year.
Smoking is one of the leading causes of many chronic diseases, including cancer, lung disease, heart disease and blood vessels.

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