Friday , December 4 2020

Syria's «Natural Places» are located within the «Arab League».

Tunisian Foreign Minister Khamis Jahnawi, who holds the Arab League summit on 31 March 2019, said on Saturday that Syria's "natural place" belongs to the Arab League.

"Syria is an important, fundamental and natural place in the Arab world," said Sergei Lavrov, a prime minister in Tunisia, in a joint press conference.

"The issue of Syria returning to the Arab League is a decision taken by the Arabs at the next meeting, and they decide on the way back, when it will come back, and on what capacity."

Syria's accession to the Arab League was suspended until the start of the dispute in 2011. As Arab countries return to their organizations, they are still out of college during the ongoing division.

The controversy over the return of Syria, in particular the debate over the superiority of the regime's army, is currently in conflict, with many of the jihadist fighters and opponents returning.

Al-Jahnawi stressed that Tunisia should hunt down Syrian conflict resolution and accelerating negotiations with Syria.

Lavrov, who travels to the Arab Maghreb countries, said he urged Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco officials to help Syria return to the Arab League.

"As we did in Algeria and Morocco, we want Tunisia to help Syria return to the Arab home, especially the Arab summit in Tunisia in March 2019.

He urged Iraq and Lebanon to return Syria to the Arab League. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) resumed diplomatic ties in Damascus in December 2018 after completing diplomatic relations in 2012.

Saudi Arabia seems hesitant to normalize relations with Syria and Syria to return to university.

Asked about the resumption of the Tunisian embassy in Damascus, Johnny said that Tunisia was in charge of accusations in Damascus and that assessing the level of representation is related to the situation in the country.

Lavrov said the two countries have agreed to further strengthen cooperation in the war on terrorism.

"We share the same view," he said in an implicit comment on the current differences between France and Italy on how to resolve the Libyan crisis in the crisis in Libya. "We need joint efforts by external mediators to resolve the Libyan conflict" He said.

"This should be done under United Nations supervision, taking into account the views of neighboring countries like Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt," he said.

On Saturday evening, Lavrov met with Tunisian President Béji Kaid Sibsi and Prime Minister Yusuf al-Shahid.

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