Wednesday , April 14 2021

The artistic activities at the National Theater B3 are "The Majdan"

The National Theater is experiencing a state of artistic activity, and three new plays are presented and presented in succession.

"Game text with messages to young people "Do not despair, start, arrive". Sameh Mahran, Nasser Shaheen, Iman Rajai, Haydi Abdul Khaliq, Marwan Azab, Tariq Ali City, Music and Composition Ahmed Hamdy Raouf, Lighting, Decorating and Fashion Sobhy El Sayed, Mizzo Reviews, Ahmed Ragab Director.

The second national theater performance of the Social Political Theater covers the events of the January 25 and June 30 revolutions "For My People".

The third of the performances of the National Theater is the play "Kandip" of the French novel Voltaire, a human novel, directed by Sameh Hussein, directed by the Islamic Islam and dealing with the human journey of life. There are various perspectives and views on world heritage and literature.

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