Tuesday , May 30 2023

UAE Red Crescent promotes food security in Yemen


The UAE Red Crescent committee will support the Hadramout coastal bakery and provide bread to families at subsidized prices as part of the government's ongoing efforts to alleviate the suffering of Yemeni citizens and to meet current humanitarian requirements and strengthen food safety programs in Yemen. We provided a second batch of flour and cooking oil to serve. UAE carrier WAM.

In this context, the second flour and cooking oil provided by Red Crescent arrived at Mukalla Harbor and supported 20 bakeries on the Hadrat Coast, supplementing the first batch delivered to the bakery earlier this month.

According to WAM, this important initiative occurs within the framework of the humanitarian responsibilities of the United Arab Emirates to the people of Yemen, their interest in current humanitarian conditions, and the sustainability of the humanitarian, relief and development approach of the United Arab Emirates in Yemen.

Hadramout 's management has appreciated this humanitarian plan that has contributed to alleviating the suffering of the poor Yemeni family in the light of the difficult economic circumstances witnessed by the Yemeni people.

Red Crescent Bakery's support in Hadramout region strengthens food security programs through urgent and immediate security needs of freed locals and simultaneously provides relief and relief activities by providing materials and necessities for the most needed families at the same time It is remarkable that it meets the guidelines of the UAE. Conducting service projects to support humanitarian and demographic stability.

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