Tuesday , May 30 2023

Watch Tamer Hosni in the movie "Spider Man" (video).


Thamer Hosni presents happiness and presents with Peter Parker in the movie "Spider Man".

He said in an interview on the Channel's "Insider Arab" program that "Dubai" will rely on a character trained to play "Avihat" fun. "Spider Man Hermi Avihat for the morning."

On the soundtrack of this series, Tamer Hosny cried "Hoh Deh".

Tanto Hosni and Mohamed Hani, directed by Raasat Board Chairman Rani Khatib, Hisham Al Shazly, Tala Turkan, and Marco Atef, the artistic creator of Emirati's Abdullah Al Jneibi.

The film was co-produced by the implementation of Colombia, Sony, Ampere, Disney, Scottish Ready and Execution Company Reid, Marvel Characters.

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