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According to the Russian script. Who among the big cities of the UOC MP oppose the Moscow plan and who shapes them – Ukraine


Sophronius was not afraid to admit that he wanted to see the Holy Church.

Moscow sect This week we went to an open showdown. Most of his bishops ignored the meeting with the president and closed the door in Lavra. Following the ROC, they broke relations with members of the Ecumenical Patriarchate and opposed the creation of an independent church in Ukraine.

Only a handful of UOC-MP ministers are not afraid of Moscow. There is information about bullying – but they are going. Go to the Unification Cathedral.Where should we build a self-orthodox church?

The hierarchy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Sofroniy, the capital of the Moscow Archbishop, also the Cherkasy Diocese of UOC-MP, said he wanted to serve in Ukrainian. He even said that even the priests asked what the Old Slavs meant in the passage, but no one could explain it. "In the same place," our Father in heaven … "is not clear, and here it is simply" heavenly man … ".

Vladyka was one of several hierarchical structures of the Moscow Ulead slope (UCL) and was not afraid of the declaration. Self-esteem church dream. Large city Sofroniy did not vote for the scandal. "Sofroniy took his hand, I know everyone is silent, Sophronius is alone, what are you fighting against? I have woken up, I will be short. In contrast to the fact that I can not accept this, I want to go to Atos, I am your happiness, you are not allowed to go to Atos now, will you be happy and I would like to meet here? Before I tear apart the Eucharistic relationship with Constantinople because of the fact that I want to be independent? "

"I do not refuse it (I want to be a member of a future Orthodox Church), but I have my direction, but all the places I will stay after the cathedral will be decided, and that it will not bring eternity in the sense of salvation If I do, I will not go there. I will go to the cathedral, penetrate me, go deep and conclude, "Sofroniy added.

The Metropolitan Philharmonic celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Department of Religious Affairs. The departament dates back to the UPR. Almost everyone involved in religious life in Ukraine came here. The head of the UOC Kyiv General Archbishop Fillet and the head of the UAOC metropolitan area Makari came here. Their church must enter the future ecclesiastical church. They greeted and sat separately. This can only indicate one thing. The situation is quite tense. The UOC of the Moscow Archbishop generally delegated simple sacrifices. The metropolitan area Onuphrius did not want to come. UC MP Alexander's Metropolitan Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky and Vishnevsky said, "I will think whether I should go or not if I am invited to this unification church, but there is no invitation yet. It was not "(Drabinko).

The preparation for the cathedral is particularly fierce because of the choice of future primates in the fierce church. Some of the UOC MPs and UAOC Supervisors do not want to be led by Filaret, but they claim that the Chief Priest of Kiev should be the head of a newly formed church. However, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church must compromise all representatives of the three churches. They could not agree with themselves during the independence period without Constantinople.

In UOC-MP, only a majority of the strata will potentially participate in the cathedral. Metropolitan Sophrony, Metropolitan Alexander, and Metropolitan Vinnitsa Simeon, who did not make a decision about the scandal of their church in Lavra. He and the Metropolitan Alexander arrived at a meeting with the President late at night. The latter regrets that the General Supervisor of the UOC-MP refused, as determined by the leadership of the Church, according to Moscow's will. "The vast majority of people thought that a meeting would be held and asked a lot of questions about the president, and all of our bishops would be able to ask this question and ask the appropriate questions." This is a provocative act that urged the British Empire to persecute the President, The Metropolitan believes Alexander

There may be Metropolitan Anthony after the interruption of the meeting, which in fact leads to the President of Ukraine. Because he is a fully subordinate person to Moscow, the UOC-MP's decision replicates the position of the Russian Orthodox Church. And in essence it is also a solution. "We can not say anything because this church is a brain center. I am convinced that the Ukrainian Church is led by the Metropolitan Anthony (Parkinich) and is the authority of the regime." The Ukrainian Orthodox Church is the Russian Orthodox Parish Ukrainian Orthodox Church We must call it the Russian Orthodox Church. "We can say," I am a member of this church, "Drabinko added.

Lavra's UOC-MP board has shown that its oversight is almost entirely dependent on Moscow's leadership. Almost everyone opposed the long-awaited Ukrainian independence church. Two hands opposite – only check the situation. ROC and UOC MP were separated. The Moscow Archbishop admits sadly: "In my personal opinion, I believe they are Protestant. There is no formal reason to break the Eucharist," Sofroniy is convinced.

But one thing is a flock instinct, the other is when you return to paraffin. Calling yourself the Ukrainian Church, remembering Moscow and ignoring the ecumenical throne will not work. Each of the hierarchies of the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine must do so, and nowadays it is necessary to make a deliberate decision. They are for Canon or politicians in Moscow. Those who negotiate the position of the new self-governing church should be subject to the same determination. First, they came to the temple mainly to serve God. Second, it divides the skin of a bear that has not died yet.

"I will urge our bishops to participate more in this council and we must reject everything for the state of welfare and spiritual life in Ukraine.This process is irreversible and is already underway, We have to think about it or not, "said Metropolitan Sophroni.

Sergei Galchenko

videoTSN.Tizhden spoke with UOC-MP servants, who are not afraid of Moscow.

This week started with terrible scandals. President Bush invited the UOC-MP bishops to a meeting of the Ukrainian Parliament. I almost ignored the interview with the president with all his might. TSN.Tyzhden talked about the hierarchy of the UOC-MP to the Unification Cathedral, which, despite intimidation, has to build an automatic cathedral. Reporters decided to tell why the Moscow bishopric was opposed to Ukraine and how it affected the final choice.

TSN.Tizhden spoke with UOC-MP servants, who are not afraid of Moscow.

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