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After her release, Savchenko promised Verkhovna Rada's political "old" problem.

Tonight on April 16, Nadezhda Savchenko, deputy of the Ukrainian People's Army, was released from custody at the Brovarsky Court. Her detention is due to expire at midnight.

Nadezhda Savchenko is ready to prove his innocence shortly after his release, Interfax said, planning to defeat the political "transformation" of Verkhovna Rada and the political changes in Ukraine.

"I am a Ukrainian hero, so I do not run away from Ukraine, Ukraine is not an empty word, I will fight for Ukraine, Ukraine has the power and prosecutor of Porochchenko, Matios, Lutsenko and dishonest people all have committed dishonest justice I had an unfair year and remained in court, and in Ukraine I was informed that it was not Russia, I will prove this innocence and I will win this court. "After Nadezhda Savchenko custody release.

People 's Deputy now believes in the court "do not hurry". "Therefore, we are calmly and completely beginning the process. It takes six days. I have not been able to sleep for six days and have confirmed the prisoner status."

Regarding the political situation in Ukraine, Sadchenko says that the Ukrainians no longer believe in politicians who are cheating politicians and think that they can not find a way to change the political system "in an absolutely peaceful and evolutionary way." He said.

"We will already help everyone in the process. Our Political Power" The social and political foundations of Nadezhda Savchenko will help replace all political parties. Now all the old things that fill the Verkhovna Rada will succeed us. "People's Counselor

Recall that the "state" led the online report in the process of Savchenko.

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