Wednesday , September 28 2022

All versions of LADA Largus have risen in price by 6,000 rubles due to ERA-GLONASS.


The last LADA Largus model has risen in October, when the value increased by 10,000 rubles. The price tag now has 6,000 rubles added to the ERA-GLONASS system.

LADA Largus was previously sold as an ERA-GLONAAS system but was not an obligation until now, but it was offered as an option of 6,000 rubles. Now that the system has become an integral part of the machine, Largus has inevitably gone up in price.

Now the cost of the LADA Largus van is 540,900 rubles. The wagon must pay at least 570 900 rubles. Largus Cross is 720,900 rubles. The engine compartment of the model is occupied by a 1.6 engine that provides 87-106 horsepower depending on the configuration. A pair of aggregates is a 5-pass manual.

The ERA-GLONASS system is designed to call emergency services at the touch of a button without using a telephone. In addition, the system itself can call the rescue service in the event of a serious accident. The number of vehicles connected to the system is approximately 4,300 vehicles per day. The total number of machines is 2.7 million.

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