Wednesday , April 14 2021

Astronomers have discovered an early earth six light years away from the sun.

Astronomer I have found a super-Earth planetary class that revolves around a star just 6 light-years from the sun. According to Popular Mechanics, the mass of the planet found is about 3.2 Earth mass.

Bernadr's star is the closest star to the sun and is the fastest moving star in the night sky. A planet B named Barnard 's Star was found nearby. b. Its mass is about 3.2 times larger than Earth's, and its surface temperature reaches -170 degrees Celsius.

The planet was discovered using data collected from seven scientific instruments located on telescopes around the world for 20 years of observations. The researchers were looking for the smallest change in the emission spectrum of the stars, which could indicate a change in the locus caused by the gravity of a massive rock planet.

"With a very careful analysis, we are confident that 99% of the planets actually exist, but we will continue to monitor the fast-moving stars to rule out the possibility of natural variations in the brightness of the star, which could be mistaken for a planet " – said the study's lead author of Ignasius Ribas.

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Previously, scientists were working with the Chandra X-ray Observatory I found the ring. A bright X-ray source of galaxy 300 million light years away from Earth.

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