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Biathlon 01/26/2018 Antholz World Cup – January 26 UA Pershii (UA Pershii) where women and men watch chase games online

On Saturday, January 26, in the sixth stage of the Biathlon World Cup in Antholz-Anterselva, Italy, women's and men's activities will be held and four Ukrainian delegates will start.

Anastasia Merkushina is ranked 35th (1: 27.6 seconds behind the leader) and Valya Semerenko is the last 60th (23.7).

Artem Prima (eighth starting position, difference from the leader – 47.5 seconds, photo) and Dmitry Pidruchny (19, +1: 05.3) will defend our nation's honor of a man who is 12.5 km away.

World Cup. Sixth step. Antholz-Anterselva (Italy)

January 26 (Sat)

Pursuit (Woman) 14:30 "UA: First", "Sport 1", "Eurosport 1", "Match TV"

Pursuit (man) 16:30 "UA: First", "Sport 1", "Eurosport 1", "Match TV"

Online video broadcasts of women and men's chase races are also available on the FACTS website.

Earlier, "Fact" reported that two Ukrainian athletes were in the top 20 in the Biathlon World Cup match at Antholz-Anterselva.


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